Best Butchers In Toronto For Locally Sourced Meat


We are pleased to announce that we have won 2nd place in BlogTO's "Best Butchers for Locally Sourced Meat" contest. 

A big and heartfelt thank you to all of you that voted!


Toronto Local Butcher


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“The best butchers for locally sourced meat in Toronto will let you grab a perfect cut of beef, lamb or whole chicken as well as sausage and whole bunch of prepared food. If you're going to eat meat, you might as well buy it from a butcher with a conscience.”


Here are the best butchers for locally sourced meat in Toronto:

2nd Place:

BlossomPure is a grocery store offering the latest in modern health needs. Providing organic groceries and products, the aim is to support social responsible consumption. Food items include - grass fed meat, halal food, wild fish and Mennonite products, like homemade jam and pure maple syrup.”


BlossomPure Organic and Local Market

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