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Amish & Mennonite Products

We carry a wide range of products from local Mennonite and Amish family farmers including:

Homemade Preserves: Our preserves are made from local, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Many of our preserves are specifically produced for our store such as Blossom Pure's strawberry jam, blueberry jam and garlic dill pickles. These are prepared with organic cane sugar and sea salt.

Honey: Our honey is locally produced. It’s raw, unpasteurized, and offered in crystallised or liquid form. We also carry flavoured honey including cinnamon, lemon, ginger, and berry.  We also carry Australian Manuka honey as well as seasonally available bee pollen and honeycomb.

Maple syrup: We offer local maple syrup and certified organic maple syrup. It's Ontario grade, rich, raw and pure! We carry light, medium and amber maple syrup.

Other Products: We also carry other Mennonite organic products such as puffed cereals and stone ground flours for bread and pastries.