Our story begins in 2002. After spending over 15 years providing services to hospitals and the nutritional supplement industry, I realized the key to good health begins in the stomach. One of the famous ancestral prophetic quotes is: “The stomach is the house of diseases, and prevention is the best medicine”. Upon understanding the importance of eating wholesome food to prevent illness and maintain optimum health, I committed myself to providing ethically sourced, truly halal, zabiha meat to my family and community.

With an overwhelmingly positive response, I started building partnerships with personally chosen local farmers who use organic, sustainable, and biodynamic farming practices. I continue to work with these same farmers today. I learned early on that by supporting our local farmers we contribute to our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. I also discovered the importance of creating a direct connection between people and those producing their food.

As my journey continued, I realized that many of the products available in major grocery stores can be actively harmful to society’s well-being; this is due to conventional products being unethically sourced. These practices undermine the livelihoods of local farmers, farm workers, and are detrimental to the welfare of animals. There’s also a negative impact on land soil as well as water reserves due to use of pollutants. Additionally, mass-produced goods can contain preservatives, synthetic ingredients and genetically modified organisms (GMO); all intended to increase quantity at the expense of quality.

Due to our deep roots and experience in the organic food industry we are able to make informed choices on where we source our products. After all, “we are what we eat”. I believe in the importance of raising awareness of conscientious food consumption. It’s my dream to continue expanding our services throughout communities and continue to be the trusted source of wholesome, ethically sourced food. I will continue to strive for this humane effort.


Fahim Alwan
Owner and founder of BlossomPure Organic, est: 2002

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