About BlossomPure

For over 18 years, we have provided delicious, nutritious, and high-quality organic grass-fed meat, eggs, dairy, and produce from certified organic local farmers, Amish communities, and Mennonite Co-Ops to you.  

We're well known for our 100% Grass-Fed Beef (from start to finish) 100% organically-fed lamb, certified organic Chicken, Organically-Fed Pasture chicken, turkey, and ducks, and wild-caught fish. Our beef marrow bones, Beef soup bones, chicken soup bones, bone broth, and other delicious specialty products are incredibly popular - you'll have to try them yourself!

All of our Ontario-raised, 100%  grass-fed beef and lamb is raised on pasture, our certified organic chicken is free range, and we have pastured chicken and turkey available seasonally.

BlossomPure was established in 2002, by founder Fahim Alwan, with a vision to bring the highest quality grass-fed organic meats to your table. We've expanded that vision to include locally produced canned goods, raw honey, pasture-raised eggs, fresh organic produce, and so much more. We care deeply about animal welfare,  the balance of the environment we all live in, and YOU!

***All of our products are halal - our meat is raised and hand-slaughtered in strict accordance ethical and humane standards
Our Mission:
~To provide a diverse line of quality organic and nutritious products at an affordable price, emphasizing social and environmental responsibility
~To support local Ontario farmers who are committed working in harmony with nature
~To give our you a high standard of service and provide the resources needed for everyone to make an educated, informed decision when they buy their food.
The BlossomPure Organic Team.



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