About Our Products

From day one, BlossomPure Organics offered exclusively organic products from local Ontario farms. After 7 years experience as a Toronto-based distributor, we noticed a lack of consistency among organic grocers, and decided to remedy the problem ourselves by opening our first location. Since then, we’ve prided ourselves on our product offerings and truthful, transparent approach to treating farmers and customers.

BlossomPure Organics has a wide selection of 100% grass-fed beef from start to finish, certified organic and organically fed pasture-raised poultry, organic & grass-fed deli meat, Amish & Mennonite preserves, honey & maple syrup, organic pantry and grocery items, organic produce, and much more. We exclusively work with farmers and businesses that share our desire for environmentally sustainable practices and ethical animal treatment, and carry the purest, filler-free products with minimal ingredients and maximal health benefits. Sourcing the majority of our products from the Perth and Huron counties, we consistently deliver on our promise for fresh, local wholefoods.