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                                  BlossomPure Organic Products

                                  BlossomPure Organic has a wide selection of Ontario local 100% grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, certified organic chicken, pasture raised poultry, organic deli meat, organic Mennonite products, organic local produce, and much more. We are also well known for our high quality beef and chicken stock, beef bones (soup bones, marrow bones, and knuckle bones), chicken and turkey soup bones.




                                  Grass-fed beef steaks


                                  100% Grass-Fed Beef 

                                  We are known as a prime source of 100% grass-fed beef from start to finish. Our beef is raised with no hormones or medications and the pasture it is raised on is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All of our products are GMO free, NO EXEPTIONS. 

                                  Our beef comes from conscientious, local Mennonite farmers located. They are raised on pasture from spring until fall, and are contained in a wide spaced barn with outside access during the winter. 

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                                  We have sourced our lamb from the same local farmer since 2003.   The lamb is born in natural cycle during spring, and graze outdoors on organic green pastures. The lamb is born in natural cycle and nurse with their mother for the first three months of their lives. They are 100% grass fed from start to finish and are harvested from October until March. 

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                                  Pastured Chicken


                                  We offer both certified organic chicken, as well as pasture raised chicken (no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs). Our pastured raised turkey is available seasonally during Thanksgiving and Christmas otherwise; they are available while quantities last.

                                  Our butchers prepare all cuts of chicken such as boneless breast, boneless thigh, curry cut, stir fry cut, cutlets, flat chicken, half chicken and many others. Whole chickens are always available. We are happy to accommodate bulk and custom orders.

                                  read more for pasture raised vs organic

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                                  Grass-fed Ontario lamb


                                  Organic chicken sausages

                                  Wholesome Deli Meat

                                  Our deli meat is prepared from our own meat with our signature recipes and standards. Our deli is seasoned with organic spices and salt with no fillers, nitrates or gluten to ensure wholesomeness. We have over fourteen different varieties such as turkey breast, chicken salami, roast beef, pastrami, beef strips, four flavors of pepperette, four flavors of summer sausage, beef sausage, beef and chicken hot dogs, and much more!

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                                   wild caught salmon

                                  Wild Caught Fish and Seafood

                                  We only carry wild-caught fish; some of which is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and Ocean wise approved. The fish is caught in season, and vacuum-sealed for ultimate freshness and quality. When it’s caught in season we are able to offer it fresh otherwise, it’s flash frozen and available in our freezer section.

                                  We carry sockeye salmon, halibut, haddock, cod, tuna, lobster, snapper, perch, pickerel, sole, shrimp, scallops, and more.

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                                   Pastured Eggs


                                  Free Range Eggs and Pasture Raised Eggs

                                  We only sell organically fed, free range, pasture raised eggs which is why they are healthier for you and have a superior taste. The land they are raised on has not been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

                                  The hens have open access to fresh air, grass and sunshine (vitamin D) during the day. Their diet is free of antibiotics, hormones and medications.

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                                   Local Honeycomb

                                  Mennonite and Amish Products

                                  We carry a wide range of products from local Mennonite and Amish family farmers including:

                                  Homemade Preserves

                                  Our preserves are made from local, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Many of our preserves are specifically produced for our store such as Blossom Pure's strawberry jam, blueberry jam and garlic dill pickles. Our preserves are prepared with organic cane sugar and sea salt.


                                  Our honey is locally produced. It’s raw, unpasteurized, and offered in crystallized or liquid form. We also carry flavored honey including cinnamon, lemon, ginger, and berry.  We also carry Australian Manuka honey as well as seasonally available bee pollen and honeycomb.

                                  Maple syrup

                                  We offer local maple syrup and certified organic maple syrup. It's Ontario grade, rich, raw and pure! We carry light, medium and amber maple syrup.

                                  Other Products

                                  We also carry other Mennonite organic products such as puffed cereals and stone ground flours for bread and pastries.

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                                   Local Ontario Produce

                                  Dairy and Produce 

                                  We offer a wide range of seasonal and non-seasonal produce including root vegetables, leafy greens, and in season local produce. We make an effort to offer local, organic produce Ontario has to offer. We also offer exotic produce such as Italian kale and rutabaga. We carry seasonal specialties such as garlic scapes, heirloom squash and romanesco. Blossom Pure also has an extensive dairy selection that includes a wide variety of gourmet cheese, yogurt, milk, kefir, non-dairy options, and especially sought out products such as 100% grass fed buffalo milk, goat milk, buffalo and goat cheese, and more.