September on the Farm - 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Fahim Alwan (Founder of Blossompure) visits his farmers frequently to maintain a strong connection. Here are some recent pictures of our 100% grass-fed cows, roaming freely on local pastures!


BlossomPure Local Farm

BlossomPure Local Grass-Fed Beef

BlossomPure Grass-Fed Beef


Here at Blossompure, we source our 100% grass-fed beef from conscientious Mennonite and other small farmers within 100 miles from our shop.

The animals are free-range. They have never been given hormones or antibiotics, nor had animal by-products or GMOs in their feed. They graze on the pasture during summer and are fed hay in the winter. We work closely with the farmers to naturally enhance the animal breed and increase healthy fats in the meat.

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