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With all the changes in the new year, we are happy to announce a change that is positive! BlossomPure Organic has launched a new premium membership that our dear customers will benefit a lot from. 

With great sadness to say we are in a time that has negatively affected many people’s health due to the Coronavirus. However, it has also inspired many people to take steps towards improving their health. With the advent of our recent lockdown people have made amazing changes to benefit their health. According to Vida Health, “Vida Health activity data from more than 10,000 users show its members are more health-conscious since the outbreak of COVID-19”

Based on their data they found that: 

  • Gym closures haven’t held people back from being active; daily exercise minutes have increased 43%
  • Food logs have increased 49%, showing that members are more aware of what they’re eating and are taking the time to log their meals


So how can BlossomPure Organic help you with your health journey?


We believe that the most important change a person can make towards improving their health and helping in preventing diseases is the food that they choose to consume. In my experience, I realized that most of the products available in major grocery stores can be actively harmful to personal and social well-being. This is due to conventional products being unethically sourced, which undermines the livelihood of local farmers, and farm workers, and is detrimental to the welfare of animals, soil, and water reserves on account of the use of pollutants. Additionally, mass-produced goods can be full of unnecessary preservatives, fillers, and synthetic ingredients, and can easily contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) - all intended to increase quantity at the expense of quality.

With our BlossomPure's premium membership, you will be able to get healthy, organic, products delivered to your door, absolutely FREE of charge across GTA and surrounding areas (Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill), you will be saving upto $1500 in value as well as exclusive promotional email offers. You can also sign up for the lite membership and save 50% OFF the delivery charges.

We think eating healthier and ethical food will positively improve your good health. By joining our growing number of customers, and becoming a premium member, it will be the best new year resolution anyone can make. 


Save 50% on your new premium or lite membership by being ONE of the FIRST 200 people to register.


To register visit:  https://www.blossompure.com/pages/blossompure-membership 

We are looking forward to you joining our BlossomPure Organic Family! 






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