BlossomPure's Pastured Beef

BlossomPure's Pastured Beef-BlossomPure Organic

April 2nd, 2016

At BlossomPure, we pride ourselves on the quality our farmers produce. When raising our meat, we believe in environmentally conscious, sustainable, and biodynamic farming practices, ethical treatment of all animals, and free-range grazing of herds and flocks.

Pastured and grass-fed meats are not just a new trend, it's the best way to raise animals- in a natural environment, on the most wholesome diet they were meant to be on. The animals roam the fields, consuming a wide variety of grasses and foliage to ensure a healthy and flavourful diet. They also receive adequate exercise to develop their muscles and immune system.

Pastured beef, lamb, and occasionally chicken is now available at BlossomPure. 

(Limited quantities- order while supplies last)

Check out some of  our fantastic steaks below! 

Grass-Fed Beef Steak

Pastured Beef Steak

T-Bone Porterhouse Grass-fed Beef

Fillet Mignon Grass-fed Beef Steak

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