Certified Organic Chicken (حلال)

We offer both certified organic chicken as well as organically fed pasture raised chicken. Our pasture raised turkeys are available fresh during Christmas and Thanksgiving and frozen while stock lasts. We encourage everyone to place their orders ahead of time as quantities are limited.

Our in-house butchers prepare all cuts of chicken from both bone-in and boneless breast, bone-in and boneless thigh, curry cut, drumsticks, half chickens, wings, whole chicken (and more). Custom orders are also available. 

Our certified organic chicken is raised in a free-run environment by our reliable, trusted Québec farmers. The chickens are raised indoors with access to pasture when weather permits. They are fed organic feed with no gmo’s, pesticides or herbicides. They have have ample space to roam indoors.

Pasture-raised poultry (in-store only)
Our pasture raised chicken and turkey are raised on pasture by local Mennonite farmers. They are free range and have full access to fresh air, sunshine and grass daily. They graze on pasture for their natural diet such as insects, plants and seeds. Their diet is supplemented as needed with organic grain and vegetables. The land is not treated with any GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.