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Organic Chicken (حلال)

We’re one of the few Toronto-based grocers that offer both organic chicken and pasture-raised chicken. Our organic chicken is certified organic (both the flock and the farm) and is raised mainly indoors with ample space and access to fresh air and sunshine. Additionally, they’re fed certified organic grain with no added hormones, GMOs, or medication. When the animals are harvested, they’re transported to a certified organic facility. Our pasture-raised chicken is raised in the summer months when the weather permits the chickens to live outdoors. The birds spend most of their time outdoors picking at certified organic grain, grass, worms, and other natural food sources. In general, pasture-raised poultry is available fresh from the end of may to mid october and frozen/vacuum sealed after October. Finally, our organic turkey is offered seasonally (primarily during Christmas and Thanksgiving). read more>