SweetLeaf, Sweet Drops Stevia Sweetener,

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia Clear - 4 oz.

Discover a Sweeter Taste With SweetLeaf Sweet Drops
Perking up your favorite beverages and foods is easy with SweetLeaf! Transform drinks, desserts, and appetizers with just a few simple drops. Formulated with stevia, this sweetener has absolutely zero carbs and zero calories, so you can make life a bit sweeter without the guilt. Available in an unflavored form like this one, sweet drops are also available in an array of tantalizing flavors like coconut, peppermint, pumpkin spice, hazelnut, cola, vanilla crème, and lots more! Experience the sweetness for yourself by adding this to your next glass of water, cup of tea, smoothie, or meal!

    Sweet Drop Ingredients Help Make Life Sweeter
    Many people enjoy the taste of sweet drops, but you may be wondering what are sweet drops? Essentially, they are made from purified water and organic stevia leaf extract. First discovered in Paraguay, stevia is a simple plant that can deliver powerful results. According to scientific evidence, stevia is more than 30 times sweeter than traditional sugar. This means just a little bit of this plant-based sweetener is needed to make SweetLeaf sweet drops tantalizingly tasty!