RJ's Licorice Soft Eating Natural Licorice All Sorts

What’s the point of an allsort if they all taste the same? RJ’s Licorice allsorts are a classic confectionery and are individually flavoured. Every colour is a new taste sensation. They use flavours based on mother nature, like lime, orange, raspberry, lemon and banana.

  • Non GMO
  • Nut Free
  • Made with real licorice extract
  • Sustainably sourced palm kernel oil

Ingredients: cane sugar, wheat flour, glucose syrup (wheat/corn), refiners' molasses,  water, desiccated coconut (contains sulphites), licorice extract, corn starch (wheat/corn), fancy molasses (treacle),  palm kernel oil (from sustainable source), glycerin, rice bran oil, gelatine, salt, aniseed oil, artificial flavours (lime, orange, raspberry & banana), acid modified corn starch, maltodextrin